Does The State of The Union Still Matter? (s4e17)

This is a question about the SOTU in general and this year. Do you remember Biden’s from March 1, 2022? Did it change the political landscape? Does it ever? Dwayne: “If MTG is not looking happy, then the rest of America should be smiling.” We recorded this March 3, two days after the March 1…

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Derek Slaughter, Mayor of Willliamsport, Two Years in with KJ Williams; “I’m Not Kicking this Can Down the Road” Policing, recreation, ARPA, becoming a change agent (s4e15)

We welcome back Mayor Derek Slaughter (https://www.cityofwilliamsport.org/government/mayors-office/) of WIlliamsport two years after his sea-change victory to become the first African-American mayor, as well as a major shift from an old guard to a younger, more progressive cohort of local electeds. Check out our prior show with him. KJ Williams, newly a resident of Williamsport, joins…

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