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LIVE episode #1- Terrayne and Jontel Guest-Star; Afghanistan, Ricardo Muñoz and the Google Game

This is a recording of our first LIVE episode. Huge thank you to Terryane Myricks of Alcoholitics and Jontel Toland of the Leon Block for sharing their words, laughs,...

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Welcome to Barnstorming PA!

We started in 2017 wanting to capture the conversations of people deeply engaged in social change, politics, and living, and the intersection between all three. Since then, we have honed artisanal podcasting: it’s accessible, fun, and meaningful.

We make the space so our co-creators can develop new ideas, build bridges, expand perceptions of what is possible, and bolster strategic messaging capacity in Pennsylvania and beyond.

On this site, we feature our most recent and favorite podcasts. Our entire back catalogue is available through Patreon — support us with a monthly plan!

“. . . building the movement one pod at a time . . .”

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Is RGGI right for you? Pennsylvania’s Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (s3e50)

Did someone suggest climate action here in Pennsylvania?? David Heayn-Menendez, Katie Blume, and Mark Szybist join Taylor Lightman to talk about RGGI, or the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, a...

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“I Can’t Eat Your Praise”- Esp and English- July 13th Care is Essential and Beyond with with Home Health Care Workers (s3e49)

Respect Us. Protect Us. Pay Us. – July 13 Day of Action: Care is Essential Empezamos con un pequeño anuncio en Español por Maddie para todos los hispanohabalantes que eschuchen....

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Black Smoke and Juneteenth: Adrian Miller and Sharee Clark on Food and Freedom (s3e48)

Adrian Miller, the Soul Food Scholar, and Sharee Clark, founder of Freedom Fighters in Wilkes-Barre, join Sam and Jordi for a rich, meaty discussion about Juneteenth, Adrian’s stellar writing...

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Juneteenth Plans for Lycoming Tri-County NAACP and Let’s end COVID! (special episode s3e47)

The regional Juneteenth celebration coming up on Saturday, June 19, from 10:30am to 5pm in Brandon Park, Williamsport, will include, among many other things, a mobile vaccine clinic provided...

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2021 PA Primary Pod NO NO YES YES. And A new GOP Senate entrant who wants you to fight about something…(s3e46)

Check our our amendment discussion and our breakdown of the new GOP candidate Sean Parnell’s video. GREAT CONTENT! vote May 18! 7 am – 8 pm polls open Sean...

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Tierra Williams, Poet and Advocate for Ferguson Township Supervisor-Centre County (s3e45)

Tierra Williams is running for Ferguson Township Supervisor in Centre County. You can support her directly here. She is part of the PA United “We Can’t Wait” slate of...

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