Barnstorming PA is a podcast dedicated to progressive politics and culture (broadly) in central Pennsylvania — it tries to strike a balance between informal, humorous, and informative. Sensing a dearth of independent, investigative political reporting, Barnstorming was started in September of 2017 by Jordi Comas, Taylor Lightman, and Chip Facka. Since then, we have covered many stories, had many guests, and argued a lot!

We are based out of Lewisburg, PA. Locally, we cover politics in Union, Snyder, Northumberland, Lycoming, Montour, and Columbia counties.  We also cover Pennsylvania statewide, national, and interstellar politics.  Some of our favorite topics to cover are: Lewisburg Borough politics, East Buffalo Township politics, Tom Marino, polling data, movement politics, protests, and grassroots theory!

Looking forward, we are excited to cover PA’s 2019 municipal elections and the 2020 Presidential campaign (particularly the Democratic Primary Race!).

We now have a sister podcast called Lightning Bug hosted by Dwayne Heisler and Jess Britain, that one’s based out of Bloomsburg, PA.

Our show is sponsored by Mondragón Books based out of Lewisburg, PA.

Music by Billy Kelly, also based out of Lewisburg, PA. You can check out his music on bandcamp, soundcloud, or itunes.

“I am proud to be maladjusted…” MLK at the Ware Lectures in 1966

During a weekend training called "Jubilee 3" hosted by the Unitarian Universalist Association, I heard about a lecture by Martin Luther King JR delivered to the UUA national meeting in 1966 called "The Ware Lecture." Martin Luther King, Jr., Dana McLean Greeley, and...

Rep Maxine Waters Is Right. Stay in the Streets.

Rep Maxine Waters encouraged citizens in Minneapolis to keep working for justice. In the streets. Yes. And to be more confrontational. Yes. That is good.  It is measured.  She is caling for people to do what Americans do at our best: to band together to denounce...

“Answer My Question” Demands Shari Jacobson

The audio speaks for itself.  A simple question about who uses emergency rooms and the role of CHiP in providing access to health care provokes Representative Marino to belittle Shari Jacobson as "just a college professor."  He ended the meeting about ten minutes...

Public Comments from Matt Schumacher, EBT Supervisor, January 2

Thanks to Jim Buck, EBT resident and former supervisor, we have an audio file and transcript of Matt Schumacher's comments on January 2, 2018.  Mr. Schumacher read these prior to taking public questions and comments when 80-100 people attended the meeting. He has...

Episode 1

Our first episode.