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The Future of Rural Democratic Voters- Not What You Think- and Electile Dysfunction (s4e10)

We dig into a NYT piece about the loss in Virginia and pull out what is meaningful from what is overblown media obsession with Democrats-are-on-the-brink-of-collapse.

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Welcome to Barnstorming PA!

We started in 2017 wanting to capture the conversations of people deeply engaged in social change, politics, and living, and the intersection between all three. Since then, we have honed artisanal podcasting: it’s accessible, fun, and meaningful.

We make the space so our co-creators can develop new ideas, build bridges, expand perceptions of what is possible, and bolster strategic messaging capacity in Pennsylvania and beyond.

On this site, we feature our most recent and favorite podcasts. Our entire back catalogue is available through Patreon — support us with a monthly plan!

“. . . building the movement one pod at a time . . .”

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Election 2021 Hot-ish Takes- The Smorgasbord Edition (s4e9)

We pulled together smart people from all over PA to cover local races we each had an eye on as well as the results from the PA-wide judicial elections....

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Build Back Better Framework is Good News- with panel of Healthcare Workers (s4e8)

Biden released on Oct 27 his framework for the Build Back Better reconciliation bill ( Along with the already-passed physical infrastructure bill, these two are the centerpiece of the...

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Local Elections, Judicial Elections and Atavistic Vexillology (s4e7)

Please support us! Is your PA-themed costume a Rocky Balboa Butter Sculpture? Aside from costumes, it’s election season. We are joined by first-timer Jenna Henry (, the director...

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Dan Greak for Union Township Supervisor (s4e6)

Election day is just around the corner and today we release an interview with Dan Greak who is running for Union Township Supervisor in Union County! Dan has lived...

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Judge David Spurgeon for Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court (s4e1)

Welcome to Season 4! We start the season off by interviewing Judge David Spurgeon who is currently running for Commonwealth Court. We begin the interview by talking about his...

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Judge Lori Dumas for PA Commonwealth Court (s4e5)

Judge Lori Dumas ( is running for the PA Commonwealth Court, one of the three major courts in PA (with Superior- parallel to Commonwealth and Superior- the highest). We...

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