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Barnstorming PA is a podcast dedicated to politics, elections, the interface between culture and politics, good alcohol, and effective swearing.  We discuss politics from the very local (what IS a prothonotary?) to the national and maybe even interstellar.

Your co-hosts, in an order which shall remain a secret are:

Taylor Lightman is a proud millennial with more years of experience than someone his age should have on campaigns ranging from Franken for Senate ’14, Bernie Sanders ’16 in Iowa, For Our Future Fund:Wisconsin ’16 and Jon Ossoff ’17 in Georgia.   Taylor loves data, arbitraging books, and sailing. He also likes to bring yummy beers back from forays to Wisconsin. he plays banjo, but not on the podcast, yet. He’s trying to wean off Yuengling and switch to Miller High Life.

Chip Facka is a grizzled veteran of many campaigns and the campaign manager of enough uphill fights that his calves are like steel.  He is also a seasoned agitator for social justice. He loves to stand up to bullies, to curse politicians, and throw back a good tequila.

Jordi Comas is an independent scholar, long-term activist, and freelance anarchist. He has volunteered for many political campaigns and worked as a volunteer within the grassroots of the progressive movement since 2004. He loves to cook, study social networks, write, and sip a smoky scotch.

We started in September 2017.

Articles and News-y stuff we are reading or reference:

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