Derek Slaughter, Mayor of Willliamsport, Two Years in with KJ Williams; “I’m Not Kicking this Can Down the Road” Policing, recreation, ARPA, becoming a change agent (s4e15)

We welcome back Mayor Derek Slaughter ( of WIlliamsport two years after his sea-change victory to become the first African-American mayor, as well as a major shift from an old guard to a younger, more progressive cohort of local electeds. Check out our prior show with him. KJ Williams, newly a resident of Williamsport, joins Jordi for an interview that spans policing, public trust, blight, parks and pools, and the future of Williamsport with all the possibilities that the American Rescue Plan (Thanks, Biden!) makes possible.

Show notes:
Link to prior show

On cliches being a sense of camaraderie: In praise of the cliché,

Mayor Slaughter leads charge to fix city finances:Mayor Slaughter leads charge to fix city finances:

Land Bank Authority through PA DECD

Viral Videos of Williamsport Police Interactions

Williamsport pool, “Splash Cove” will be open in 2022–

Pools and African American experience in Philadelphia

8 Can’t Wait- a national agenda for police reform (

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