Does The State of The Union Still Matter? (s4e17)

This is a question about the SOTU in general and this year. Do you remember Biden’s from March 1, 2022? Did it change the political landscape? Does it ever?

Dwayne: “If MTG is not looking happy, then the rest of America should be smiling.”

We recorded this March 3, two days after the March 1 speech. Too much of our political coverage is focused on the last 24 hours, minutes, and seconds… sit back, enjoy a beverage, and reflect with us on this speech and it’s impact a mere three weeks later (or whenever you are listening to this.)

0:00 Introductions and Jordi’s position with AT NEPA.
7:30 Does the SOTU matter? How so?
19:20 Dwayne learned Ukrainian as a kid!
23:00 The war in Ukraine and how our reaction compares to other human crises and conflicts of the recent past (Syria, Iraq, Sudan, etc etc)
29:00 Kenyan Ambassador to UN, Matin Kimani and his speech on how to rise above the ashes of post-imperial crises.
36:00 Police and “funding”
43:50 “Capitalism without Competition is Exploitation” Biden’s homerun quote and economic anxiety in the electorate.
49:30 How People Watch the SOTU and Jordi’s obsession with who the producers decide to focus the cameras on.
50:50 McConnel’s reaction to Capitalism Homerun Quote
53:30 Dwayne: “When MTG isn’t looking happy, the rest of America should smile.”
57:00 Ukraine, Democracy, and Decarbonize NOW!

SOTU transcript:
UN Ambassador Martin Kimani:

Image credit, Ukrainian Ambassador to US at SOTU. Reuters.

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