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Judge David Spurgeon for Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court (s4e1)

Welcome to Season 4! We start the season off by interviewing Judge David Spurgeon who is currently running for Commonwealth Court. We begin the interview by talking about his upbringing in McKeesport in the Monongahela Valley and how his background led him to a successful career in law. Next, we talk about his decision to...

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Judge Lori Dumas for PA Commonwealth Court

Judge Lori Dumas (https://www.judgedumas2021.com/) is running for the PA Commonwealth Court, one of the three major courts in PA (with Superior- parallel to Commonwealth and Superior- the highest). We whole-heartedly support her candidacy, and you can see why in this interview. Be sure to vote November 2! It’s an opportunity year. Judge Dumas’ website is...

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Judge Timika Lane for PA Superior Court Vote NOV 2!

This is Why Courts Matter! We get to elect our highest justices in PA. Judge Lane is the ONLY candidate for superior court who has, ya know, been a judge! Us PA voters have one vote for Superior Court (and one for Supreme Court and TWO for Commonwealth Court. Judge Timika Lane (https://judgelane.com/) discusses her...

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Judge Maria McLaughlin for Pennsylvania Supreme Court (s4e3)

Judge Maria McLaughlin hops on the pod for an interview about her candidacy for PA Supreme Court! The conversation begins topically about cheesesteaks and quickly gets into the importance and unusual nature of the PA judicial races in 2021. We hear from the Judge about her background and how her parents emphasis on education propelled...

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“The System is Silently Begging For Us to Step Up…” HUB Summit Preview

Ideal for grassroots leaders, engaged citizens and newly aroused, angry people. Come to learn how to build people power or sustain and nurture your group (two tracks). Title is HUB Facilitator Daryl Lewis describing his own realization of the power of organized people. Register at https://bit.ly/HUBSummitFall2021

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Rehashing the 2020 Pennsylvania Election (with Ben Forstate, Stephen Caruso, and Jamie Perrapato) Also! Jeff Bartos runs for Senate (s3e51)

Is it too early for a retrospective piece on the 2020 election? We think not! This week Jordi and Taylor pull out an episode that’s been again nicely in the wine cellar. Stephen Caruso, Ben Forstate, and Jamie Perrapato join as an expert panel to interpret the 2020 general election in PA and give some...

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Is RGGI right for you? Pennsylvania’s Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (s3e50)

Did someone suggest climate action here in Pennsylvania?? David Heayn-Menendez, Katie Blume, and Mark Szybist join Taylor Lightman to talk about RGGI, or the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, a multi-state cap and invest program, which seeks to limit the the green house gas emissions from the power sector and invest back in Pennsylvania. They first...

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“I Can’t Eat Your Praise”- Esp and English- July 13th Care is Essential and Beyond with with Home Health Care Workers (s3e49)

Respect Us. Protect Us. Pay Us. – July 13 Day of Action: Care is Essential Empezamos con un pequeño anuncio en Español por Maddie para todos los hispanohabalantes que eschuchen. Maddie también traduzca más durante el podcast. Thank you to our amazing guests Kearni Warren, Lynn Weidner, Maddie Lopez-Vazquez, Erica Payne all from Pennsylvania, and LaNoral...

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Black Smoke and Juneteenth: Adrian Miller and Sharee Clark on Food and Freedom (s3e48)

Adrian Miller, the Soul Food Scholar, and Sharee Clark, founder of Freedom Fighters in Wilkes-Barre, join Sam and Jordi for a rich, meaty discussion about Juneteenth, Adrian’s stellar writing on food and African-American heritage (and just all-American heritage!), Juneteenth in our area and more! Thanks to Bucknell University and the NAACP for arranging for his...

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Juneteenth Plans for Lycoming Tri-County NAACP and Let’s end COVID! (special episode s3e47)

The regional Juneteenth celebration coming up on Saturday, June 19, from 10:30am to 5pm in Brandon Park, Williamsport, will include, among many other things, a mobile vaccine clinic provided by River Valley Health and Dental.  The mobile clinic will be offering J&J single-dose vaccination between 11 and 3 that day.  The first 50 to get...

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2021 PA Primary Pod NO NO YES YES. And A new GOP Senate entrant who wants you to fight about something…(s3e46)

Check our our amendment discussion and our breakdown of the new GOP candidate Sean Parnell’s video. GREAT CONTENT! vote May 18! 7 am – 8 pm polls open Sean Parnell Ad

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Tierra Williams, Poet and Advocate for Ferguson Township Supervisor-Centre County (s3e45)

Tierra Williams is running for Ferguson Township Supervisor in Centre County. You can support her directly here. She is part of the PA United “We Can’t Wait” slate of candidates. Tierra was fresh off of a poetry and politics events which we certainly heard more about it for being cool and innovative. Townships, in PA,...

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Lewisburg Democratic Mayoral Debate: David Heayn-Menendez and Kendy Alvarez (s3e44)

Lewisburg, PA has it’s very own Democratic primary for mayor! Taylor Lightman sits down with both David Heayn-Menendez and Kendy Alvarez and talks about the issues. They first cover their backgrounds, their reasons for running, and three things they’d change about the borough. Next, they play a game about their favorite things about the borough...

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Gopal, Rich, and Divine for State College Borough Council (s3e43)

Jordi Comas interviews a PA United slate of candidates running for State College Borough Council: Gopal Balachandran, Richard Biever, and Divine Lipscomb. Collectively, they are running on a progressive platform of racial justice, mental health support, and economic stability. The conversation spans housing policy, accessibility to prosperity, and how to reinvest, reimagine, and renew State...

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Amanda Green-Hawkins for Commonwealth Court (s3e42)

Jordi and Taylor interview Amanda Green-Hawkins who is currently running for Commonwealth Court in PA. We begin the conversation by talking about the role of the Commonwealth Court and the responsibilities of a judge. We then talk about Amanda Green-Hawkins’ personal and professional background. Afterwards there is a discussion about equity in the judicial system,...

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Barnaholitics! The Official Barnstorming and Alcoholitics Crossover Episode (s3e41)

Welcome to the BarnstormingPA/Alcoholitics crossover episode! It’s finally happened. Taylor, Jess Britain, and Sam Pearson welcome Terrayne Myricks from Alcoholitics. After much introduction banter and fun, they have do rant headlines. Jess rants about Harrisburg Republicans meeting with Kansas Republican Secretary of State Kris Kobach about election issues. Terrayne rants about the phrase “this is...

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Earth Day 2021, Bridging Faith and Good Work. Plus, Attack of the Invasive Species! (s3e40)

Welcome to the pod! On this episode, we talk about the ways you can care for the Earth on Earth Day with David Heayn-Menendez from PAIPL, Sam Pearson from Lewisburg Neighborhoods, and Nick Pressley from the We The People Campaign. After some banter and housekeeping, we do some intro’s and hear what everyone is up...

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Can We Imagine the Next Chapter of the Pandemic? It’s Hard to Prioritize Both Speed and Equity with Aaron Troisi, Nathan Alan Lund, and Sam Pearson (s3e39)

This is our second episode looking back at a year of pandemic and looking forward. Thrilled to invite long-time friend of The HUB for Progress (www.thehub4progress.org) , Aaron Troisi, Lead Political Organizer with SEIU Healthcare PA. 60% of nursing home employees have resisted getting vaccines. Aaron describes that is a problem of the left and...

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100 hours of work a week and standing in line for food. One year into the pandemic with Home Health Care Worker with Hillary Rothrock, Sam, and Dwayne. (s3e38)

We mark a year since the pandemic began wit special guest Hillary Rothrock, a home healthcare worker, union leader, single mom, and excellent guest. She recently led a “Fast for $15” with other comrades to draw attention to how our most “essential workers” are shockingly horribly underpaid. Twitter #Fastfor15 (https://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/video/5368692-caregivers-asking-lawmakers-to-increase-minimum-wage-end-48-hour-fast/ https://twitter.com/hashtag/fastfor15?src=hashtag_click&f=live) Want to help? CallDOH...

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“We Don’t Need to Expand the Parking Lots” The PA Budget, Rural Healthcare, and More. Guests Katie Blume and Gillian Kratzer. (s3e37)

We have been fans of Katie Blume and GIllian Kratzer for years- their work in pa, their fabulous aura, and of course the rib-breaking laugh fest. Katie has years of experience in political, environmental and community organizing. She hails from Eastern Centre County (NOT State College) where she is also on the Milheim Borough Council....

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The American Rescue Plan (ARP): The End of Reaganomics (s3e36)

Taylor, Jordi, and Dwayne are joined by returning champion Keith Pemrick, an Adjunct Professor at American University and a managing partner at Commonwealth Strategic Partners, and Jeff Garis, the Outreach and Engagement Director at The Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center. We come together to deconstruct The American Rescue Plan! After some intro’s and obscure PA...

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Naughty Words and Big Sighs: Talking Rural Reproductive and Sexual Health with Jess Brittain and Kate DiPasquale. Plus, stupid shit men say through the ages- a game. (s3e35)

  Kate DiPasquale and Jess Brittain join Taylor and Jordi to talk about reproductive and sexual health in terms of access (read this), politics (read this), and culture. We also get our first installment of “Heard in the Kitchen” from Jess. We learn about Kate’s journey to becoming an organizer. Find out why Jess says...

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Polygamy and Stem-Cell Research- What’s Moral Now(game)? Cole Goodman is Back! And Malcolm Kenyatta hot takes. (s3e34

Jordi aims to keep his losing record on Taylor’s games perfect. Cole Goodman answers the BarnstormingPA bat signal and jumps on to bail us out with his insight and good humor. And an AMAZING Miami Vice track suit. Oh, and headlines. Malcolm Kenyatta’s jump into the race gets the hot take treatment. Bonus! Cole also...

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Black Voices Matter: KJ Williams — Oral History of the (Rural) Uprising (s3e33)

Jordi and Nathan sit down with KJ Williams, one of the leaders from “If Not Us, Then Who” (INUTW). INUTW is “a community organization started in Milton, Pa that is committed and dedicated to spread awareness about injustice, inequality, and racism.” In the interview, they talk about how the organization started and what their process...

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Building Democratic Capacity in Rural Pennsylvania (s3e32)

Jordi and Taylor welcome three Pennsylvania politico’s steeped in rural organizing in Pennsylvania. Most recently, Chris Benson worked as Communications Director for Amanda Waldman’s campaign for PA’s 84th District, Chuck Black served as Finance Director for Amanda Waldman’s and Lee Griffin’s campaigns, and Christian Chludzinski worked as Field Director for Lee Griffin and Jackie Baker who ran for PA Senate in...

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Jontel E Toland- The Kind of Candidate We Need PLUS- Headlines of the Future about Schooling, Food, Electric Cars. And, a Game! (s3e31)

Thanks to show sponsors Billy Kelly and Mondragon Book store in the Open Door Gallery at 430 Market St in Lewisburg.Please fill out our listener survey!  https://bit.ly/BarnstormingPAform  If you want to join us for the BLM biweekly Roundtable for NEPA and rural PA, email us at info@thehub4progress.org or look on Facebook. We are thrilled to...

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Welcome Nick Pressley, Role Model For Resiliency Over Crime and Incarceration. Also, Nursing Homes, and the Fetterman Ad. A Game about Petitions! (s3e30)

Jordi, Dwayne, and Nathan welcome Nick Pressley on the show! After some introduction banter and housekeeping, we get to hear a little bit more about Nick’s story. Then, each host gives their headlines for the week — Dwayne talks about COVID and vaccines, Jordi talks about systemic racism and the PADems judicial endorsements, and Nick...

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When It Comes to COVID You Need to Talk to This Actual Karen. (s3e29)

We are joined by Karen Wolf, PhD. Karen is a nurse practitioner, nurse educator and a political sociologist making her uniquely qualified to understand the complexities of health, community, and human systems. Bonus fun fact: she is also a UU making this episode 75% UUs (Sam, Jordi, and Karen). We review the Biden COVID plan,...

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End This Uncivil War (s3e28)

In this inauguration episode, Jordi, Dwayne and Nathan are joined by special guest, Cole Goodman! They discuss their headlines from the inauguration, play a game about inaugural speeches that Taylor devised, and dig a bit deeper about how they felt about the inauguration. Lastly, they talk about the Judicial races coming up in 2021 in...

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The 2021 Hub Winter Summit Was A Mini-Conference with Workshops (s3e27)

Long ago, before the mayhem of J6, we recorded an episode recapping the 2021 Hub For Progress Winter Summit. Jordi, Sam, Nathan, and Jess Britain talk about their takeaways from the event, they play a game about events, and talk about changes they would make with a ‘magic wand.’ Fill out the listener survey!

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