Tirade of Hyphenates, Grape Nuts, Policy Innovation, and a Confused Right Wing Radio Host (ep 27)

A tirade of hyphenates for the Right: “Deficit-bloating, greedy privatizing, school-closing, selective bible-quoting, truck-nuts dragging, dog-whistling, science denying, pedaphile-embracing, Breitbart-reading, tiki torch-carrying, caviar-eating, porn-star-gagging, hummer-driving, Alex Jones- loving, right-wing clown car!  Drive it out of our county, out of our country.  Go Back to Russia.”

“The best part of our podcast is the beginning and ending…” Thanks to Billy Kelly for our great intro and outro music.  As well as Mondragon bookstore, our sponsor.

0-10 Grape nuts, google calendar psychopathy, and the dangers of rural gay whippets start us off.

10-20 Then we discuss an idea for policy resources and sharing at tth PA level.  The State Innovation Exchange is one effort that is somewhat similar. Part of this idea is to tap into the brains and innovation power we have on the left, and, as Taylor pointed out, expanding the “Overton” window.  This is a curated collection, somewhere between a platform and the wild west of something like Reddit.

20:30-25:00 Taylor explains “grassroots” versus “grasstops.”  Dwayne suggest a metaphor shift.

25-32 Wal-mart and Trump.  Is one worse for America?

32-45 The WHLM controversy that won’t die and Hang on a Sec with a confused manifesto.

45- Tirade of Hyphenates.  The WHLM controversy sparked the kind of “latte-sipping” attack that presaged the psychographic hocus pocus of Cambridge Analytica and like.  We rivist this trope of political attacks, including the original one from 2004.  YouTube clip:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4-vEwD_7Hk

We offer our own.



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