hang on a sec

Tirade of Hyphenates, Grape Nuts, Policy Innovation, and a Confused Right Wing Radio Host (ep 27)

A tirade of hyphenates for the Right: “Deficit-bloating, greedy privatizing, school-closing, selective bible-quoting, truck-nuts dragging, dog-whistling, science denying, pedaphile-embracing, Breitbart-reading, tiki torch-carrying, caviar-eating, porn-star-gagging, hummer-driving, Alex Jones- loving, right-wing clown car!  Drive it out of our county, out of our country.  Go Back to Russia.” “The best part of our podcast is the beginning and…

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New Districts, To Endorse or Not, Hang on a Sec with a Letter Defending Slavery With Dwayne (ep 24)

Well, we have our new districts.  Should Democratic county chairpeople endorse in primaries?  We play “hang on a sec” with a letter from a Mifflinburg High School student that seems to defend slavery.  And Blue Ghost fireflies.  So cool. Mifflinburg information. Blue Ghost Fireflies.

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