Do They Do That In…? A Game

Here are the questions we used for “Do They Do That In?”, the August 6 Podcast on BarnstormingPA.  Listen here for answers!

  1. This country was the first on its continent to establish a national park in 1909.
  2. Artists, musicians and other creatives are guaranteed two years’ income every fifteen years when not able to work to support culture
  3. Has established 30 eco-municipalities since 2005.
  4. Has banned plastic bags
  5. This country sets penalties on speeding tickets based on income so that wealthier people pay more..
  6. Large companies that declare bankruptcy must first be offered for sale to the employees at favorable terms with government secured loans.
  7. This country has a 0% capital gains tax for people in lowest two tax brackets.
  8. This country was ranked #1 for business by Forbes magazine.
  9. This country incentivizes following by using a traffic camera that when not catching speeders records those at the speed limit and enters those people into a cash lottery.
  10. This country elects officials using online voting.
  11. This country has established a national endowment for content creation and social media that awards MacArthur-type grants for creative, useful content creation in areas such as wikis, apps, podcasts, and peer to peer video collaborations.

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