Dispelling The Red Mirage (s3e11)

Sam, Dwayne, Jordi and Taylor team up for a chat about the right-wing infatuation with the Swedish corona response, the goings-on in Pennsylvania politics and presidential campaigns, and election security (with a focus on dispelling the red mirage). Some Links! PA blows past 9M voter registrations! Good memes to combat disinformation! Georgetown Law Resources Just…

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“The Biggest Gathering of Snowplows. Ever.”

“My inner saboteurs are unionized.” [Jordi]  This is a special pod. Brought to you by Mondragon Books. For the FIRST TIME Ever, all of the co-hosts of Lightning Bug and BarnstormingPA get together for a good-bye podcast for Taylor Lightman, co-founder and co-host of BarnstormingPA who is headed for Sweden.  Will Hayes, our smashingly handsome and…

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Do They Do That In…? A Game

Here are the questions we used for “Do They Do That In?”, the August 6 Podcast on BarnstormingPA.  Listen here for answers! This country was the first on its continent to establish a national park in 1909. Artists, musicians and other creatives are guaranteed two years’ income every fifteen years when not able to work…

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