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Mama Bear Dr. Jenn Rager-Kay is for Healing our Valley and Protecting our People Valley S2e8

“Running Whole-Assed All the Way to the Finish Line” may be a good attitude even if it, sadly isn’t Dr. Jenn Rager-Kay’s campaign for her 2018 run for the PA-85.In her words “Running isn’t something I want to do, but feel compelled to do.” “They see her as a hero” says campaign manager and former…

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Who Let The Drug-Sniffing Dog In? And Gerrymander Politics Jordi and Chip (E22)

Jordi reports back on the Susquehanna Valley Conservative Club “Opioid Forum.”  Then we discuss the Republican antics around complying with the court’s order in LWOV v Commonwealth, the PA Gerrymander case.

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