Activism and Counter Protest at its Source (ep 28)

We offer a different kind of episode- back to back interviews.  First, we hear from seven (7!) youth who marched in the #MarchForOurLives either in Washington or Lewisburg. Then, we invite Carissa Noll on who talks about being the first person on the scene in Lewisburg for a counter-protest of the “Tradition Family Property” group…

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Gender-bending Bible figures, Gerrymander win! and Lewisburg Lights with Peterson Toscano and Dwayne (20).

Peterson Toscano and Dwayne Heisler join Taylor and Jordi. We discuss the upcoming summit for The Hub for Progress. The PA Gerrymander case WON! Jordi tries to make everyone else improvise on topics picked randomly which ends up with a discussion of downtown Lewisburg tree lights.  Game of Thrones references abound.  We add “eunuchs” to…

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