2020 Election

Rehashing the 2020 Pennsylvania Election (with Ben Forstate, Stephen Caruso, and Jamie Perrapato) Also! Jeff Bartos runs for Senate (s3e51)

Is it too early for a retrospective piece on the 2020 election? We think not! This week Jordi and Taylor pull out an episode that’s been again nicely in the wine cellar. Stephen Caruso, Ben Forstate, and Jamie Perrapato join as an expert panel to interpret the 2020 general election in PA and give some…

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Election Relief, COVID-19 Fears (s3e17)

The barnstorming crew (Taylor, Jordi, Sam, and Dwayne) gets together for the first time after the election! The start off by quickly chatting about the run-off. Next, we talk about what out takeaway headlines from the election. Dwayne looks into his crystal ball and brings up salient, depressing, and realistic problems that Democrats will have…

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