When It Comes to COVID You Need to Talk to This Actual Karen. (s3e29)

We are joined by Karen Wolf, PhD. Karen is a nurse practitioner, nurse educator and a political sociologist making her uniquely qualified to understand the complexities of health, community, and human systems. Bonus fun fact: she is also a UU making this episode 75% UUs (Sam, Jordi, and Karen). We review the Biden COVID plan, embedded in the $1.9 trillion plan, in great detail. Highlights include more on the role of testing and the unique circumstances of this vaccine. People who are vaccinated, for example CAN STILL spread the virus. Dwayne adds the crucial labor perspective from the SEIU front-lines. Many problems persist for front-line hero healthcare workers like the need for testing, more equipment, and COVID task forces including workers in each facility.

We do our headlines of the week. There are also two games: a quiz AND a special “be as judge-y as you want” game about the character flaws associated with mask mis-wearing.

Karen And Dwayne start the new BarnstormingPA Super-Old-Timey Early Music Hour podcast at the tail end. 😁

Links and Resources from this episode:

WASHINGTON, DC – NOVEMBER 19: Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, wears a protective mask during a White House Coronavirus Task Force press briefing in the James Brady Press Briefing Room at the White House on November 19, 2020 in Washington, DC. The White House held its first Coronavirus Task Force briefing in months as cases of COVID-19 are surging across the country ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday. (Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images)

1:35 Podcasting favorites and stats
10:25 Headlines of the Week
20:30 Deeper dive into Biden COVID19 plan
56:30 The politics of the Biden stimulus/COVID response plan
1:00:07 Let the games begin!
1:19:00 Super Judge-y Mask Game

Fun bits:
17:15 “I’m doubling down to the fifth power” Sam on patience and perseverance
18:02 “Country Overacts on COVID and Crushes It.”
20:55 “I don’t find the Senate sexy” and utilitarian underwear is someone’s thing.
45:15 “the virus doesn’t care which department you are in”
57:50: “Toomey is against creating jobs” by using National Guard
58:45 Is Toomey running for Governor? You heard it here first!
1:17:50 “The Pence fly”
1:20:32 “Facial plumbers’ butt”

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