“We Don’t Need to Expand the Parking Lots” The PA Budget, Rural Healthcare, and More. Guests Katie Blume and Gillian Kratzer. (s3e37)

We have been fans of Katie Blume and GIllian Kratzer for years- their work in pa, their fabulous aura, and of course the rib-breaking laugh fest. Katie has years of experience in political, environmental and community organizing. She hails from Eastern Centre County (NOT State College) where she is also on the Milheim Borough Council. She also likes borboun.

Gillian hails from Blair County and works for SEIU healthcare, is the chair of the Blair County Democratic party. Aside from a keen knowledge of many state legislatures, she is a fan of Aggretsuko (please don’t sue us, Sanrio!)

And regular hosts Dwayne Heisler, Taylor Lightman, and Jordi Comas are in for the fun and policy talk.

We discuss the PA Budget, including Gov Wolf’s budget address. For more on the PA Budget, check out our friends at the PA Budget and Policy Center.

We also discuss healthcare in PA, including the paltry 2.7 hours minimum required for care per resident. This issue is covered here. As Dwayne says, the lack of investment in nursing homes in terms of paying staff means we are not making quality central to care.

08:40: Katie Blume Intro
09:38 Gillian Kratzer Intro
16:10 PA Budget Intro and Topics
27:50 What can get done in a divided assembly?
31:50 The Delaware Loop Hole and a merch idea for us
39:30 Parking Lot construction as the Metric to Understand Rural Healthcare
42:40 Long-term Health Care
53:20 If you could wage a magic wand


59:56 Dwayne: “I think siiiiiiiiiize matters.”
1:02:35 Jordi: “Next time we will do a PA Constitution Sexy Talk and what is your Parliamentary Erogenous zone.”

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