Thank You for Normalizing Abortion With Me- Oct 4 LIVE show with Kate DiPasquale and Dwayne Heisler

Mawkward- a Jordi neologism of Male +Awkward: the awkward space in a conversation of men talking about Womens’ (protest, health, issues, agenda… fill in the blank).

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Kate DiPasquale, from Columbia county, tearing up Washington DC’s political establishment these days joins us, along with Dwayne Heisler, of SEIU PA and ALSO Columbia county (for awhile). Jordi and Taylor, as usual are here, too. And, supposedly, a very large feline is lurking in the back of Kat’s screen.

This show was live on Oct 4 and big shout out to Jackie Baker and Leisha Johnson-Harvey for dropping comments. You can see the video on our YouTube Channel or on our FB Page. That will work best when we get to judging the quality and creativity of protest signs.

Other topics include a deep dive into the strategy and messaging around Biden’s agenda, also known as the infrastructure and Build Back Better agenda.

More info
Op-ed by Reps Porter, Omar, and Jayapal on #BuildBackBetter

The Womens’ March organization:

Great interview with Anat Shanker-Osorio about messaging on the Rick Smith show

Rep Jayapal seemed to hear and answer Jordi’s concerns on this Pod Save America that came out the next day. e-toilet/

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