Lumpenproletariat Robbery, Herschel and Freidenberg Ads, Chip Rises (ep 29)

We start with the odd experience of the ginko tree’s odor.  Then we do uncovered stories in the news (uniformity clause in PA, Regan’s ex-roommate’s crime, rural poverty, the local LWV rule change), compare the new (and first) ads from PA-12 congressional candidates Marc Freidenberg and Judy Herschel, and the problems of Sinclair news’ partisan news coverage.  You can see Deadspin’s great mash up of Sinclair anchors reading the anti-fake news script here.

Sinclair Anchors as Foot Soldiers in propaganda war

1 comment on “Lumpenproletariat Robbery, Herschel and Freidenberg Ads, Chip Rises (ep 29)

  1. jordi says:

    By the way, I went back and watched twice more to Judy’s ad. I count about 40 unique people. It looks like more as the one scene of her talking to a group has several close-ups of people. I didn’t double count them, although a casual viewer will see it as more like 50 people maybe.

    Also, there are no explicit references to her profession or to pharmaceutical companies. Interesting how much a viewer reads into the language that is there and finds connections to his or her own ideas about the causes of opioid crisis.

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