Local Election Breakdown, Marino’s Whining, Trump and Wrestling (Episode 11)

Chip finds a sound effect app on his phone and Taylor and Jordi start cringing. After a whirlwind of missed dates among your co-hosts, on Friday we finally coincided in one of our favorite recording spots: The CommunityZone.

  1. We cover local politics results including wins and losses. And dodgeball. By the way, it was Jordi’s wife who said the dodgeball should be a fund-raiser for EBT. (Sorry, hun!)
  2. We discuss the Daily Item’s super-friendly interview with Rep Marino and what the response would have been if our dream progressive movement were in place.
  3. Jordi shares a Naomi Klein excerpt from No Is Not Enough about Trump, wrestling, and spectacle and we start riffing.

One of Jim Buck’s excellent pieces of writing about the reality of politics and taxes in East Buffalo Township.

Stuff to add:

  • Election results links
  • Link to Klein


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