Keystone Progress Preview! Special Episode

Sign up for the January 20 Keystone Progress summit 2021! Jenna Henry, of Free the Ballot and a Keystone Progress Education Fund board member, along with Lisa Longo, here the event co-ordinator for this event talk with Jordi about the upcoming summit.

There is karaoke the 19th, comedy with Lauren LoGiudice on the 2oth, keynotes and speaking from PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro, Lt Gov John Fetterman, and all the PA candidates for PA-wide courts in 2021 Why Courts Matter!), and the glass-ceiling breaking Joanna McClinton, the first Black Woman to hold party leadership in the PA General Assembly and a fierce advocate for criminal justice reform.

The summit will be on the Hopin platform, a much better approximation of being at a person to person summit than zoom.

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