Jontel E Toland- The Kind of Candidate We Need PLUS- Headlines of the Future about Schooling, Food, Electric Cars. And, a Game! (s3e31)

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We are thrilled to welcome Jontel E Toland as a guest host. He shares his own biography of hope and resiliency leading up to his recent decision to run for Lancaster City Council. He also has his own show on Fridays, The Leon Block, in which he interviews people while livestreaming.

Then we do a new take on our award-eligible segment of headlines of the week; this time we talk about positive headlines in the future linked to some of Biden’s executive orders.

Finally, we play a fun version of This, That or the Other (thanks Ask Me Another!)

Good bits
Dwayne: I’m not for a party putting it’s thumb on a scale, especially if it’s just half a skinny pinkie finger (on PA Dems endorsements.
Jordi doesn’t like “urban” birds,

Radio Free Lewisburg on Sweden with Taylor

Jontel’s The Leon Block livestream show. Catch archived episodes on Facebook. On YouTube.

Pauli Murray info The DemocracyNow! documentary.

PA Budget info from PA Budget and Policy Center.

Shout out to Billy Kelly as always for our music!

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