Inside Politics Edition: the UCDC, Local Organizing, Race. Plus Franken and Moore (Episode 12)

Episode 12, November 23, 2017

We recorded right after the UCDC meeting.  We discuss that “Inside Baseball” is a joke, but it also is a real show because it has an audience.

Main topics include:

  1. Fixing the UCDC
  2. The Hub’s Summit of progressive groups
  3. We ban Chip from sound effects again
  4. Race, Activism, and Winning Elections (ActLocal)
  5. Sen Franken, Roy Moore, sexual harassment.
  6. Is Franken’s accuser a “hit job?”


Show notes:

  1. Dave Jacobson protecting Temple Beth-El from embezzlement.
  2. John Peeler Op-Ed on Growing up Conservative

Feature image

UCDC Members at Union County 4th of July Parade, 2017 (Jed Busby, David Heayn, Jordi Comas, Luis Medina).  All candidates and WINNERS in 2017.

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