Barnstorming PA
GOTV is Occupational Therapy for Democracy. And the Sidious Horizon. (s2e12)

The astoundingly tall and articulate Bill Haynos joins Sam and Jordi for a discussion of GOTV and canvassing. Bill brought some Singlecut beer for us to enjoy.  We discuss the NPR article discussing the likelihood of a record turn-out in the 2018 Mid-Terms.  A weird tangent about frog metaphors gets us to the idea of when does the USA’s creep or slide or rush to authoritarianism go too far?  Does Trump threatening to declare Midterms illegitimate mark that point?  Are we rat-fucked or rat-harassed?  Jordi dives into the imagery of Star Wars prequels to suggest it is the “Sidious Horizon.” What would you offer up?

Show notes: