John Fetterman For Lt Governor- His “No Label” Approach, Fighting for what is Right, and Sheetz v Wawa (S2.1)

At Demfest, the North Central Caucus of the PA Democratic Party, we enjoyed a long sit-down with John Fetterman, candidate for Lt. Governor. Make sure you register to vote!

John and our crew sat down by a lovely creek and covered this time in our politics, the weirdness for John of being attacked from the right and the left, basic justice values, his life experience as mayor of Braddock, and some more fun stuff!  There is also a game about surname meanings. The definition of “fetter.”

We also address the apparent schism in PA over “Sheetz” versus “WaWa.”  Have an opinion?

Special thanks to Will Hayes, our new audio engineer/guru/occasional participant.  Check out Will’s music here where he composes, mixes, and creates as Meiñü (me-in-you).

And, of course, thanks to Billy Kelly, Lewisburg’s foremost Grammy-losing musician for “I’ll Be Everywhere,” our theme song.

You can watch a video of the interview at our BarnstormingPA Facebook page.  

Our image this time is from the video.

Welcome to Season 2 of BarnstormingPA!

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