Cranks-giving- You Can Blame Sam- Headlines, True or False, and Appreciations (s3e19)

Sam gives all of us a great gift- she says you can blame her for anyone who is cranky about a COVID19 Thanksgiving. “Why can’t we do this or that?” If you hear that, you can say “Sam said we can’t.” Isn’t that nice? You get to practice safety and let the cranky ones get mad at someone else.


The rest of us, Dwayne, Taylor and Jordi mix our usual mix of thoughtful insight and riffing humor as we cover what we like this week (any genre), We Write a Headline for this Week, a True-or-False quiz, We Give Thanks (including shout outs to Mel Russel and Kristin Volchansky), and touch on our own food traditions.

Enjoy the new chapter marks including some of our favorite moments like learning what Sam means by a “shit lord”

Our hearts go out to Penn Garvin and Doug Orbaker on the loss of Harry Garvin.

And to a quick recovery to Kadida Kenner and anyone else down with COVID19.


Susan Stamberg cranberry recipe if you dare:

Obama’s Book: “A Promised Land”:

Tio Bernie:

Twitter and Teargas:

Mediocre: The Dangerous Legacy of White Male America:

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  1. Thanks, all, for a pleasant hour’s worth. Stay safe.

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