Corona Quarantine (s3e2)

Dwayne and Taylor talk all things corona, but mostly about healthcare and quarantines! There’s a little quiz at the end about the 1918 flu…

2 comments on “Corona Quarantine (s3e2)

  1. Linda Artley says:

    So great listening to you both. I have been quarantined since 3/9 because I have a high risk condition and an elderly mother. Shout out to all the healthcare workers at every level and to all those (including my daughter) who works in the grocery retail business so there are heroes at all levels.The retail that is open has no protections either and I wonder why the Wal-Mart is totally open instead of just the food and Pharmacy. #StayHomeSaveLife

  2. Linda Artley says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DWAYNE! I totally agree and I will miss our hugs.

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