Barnstorming PA
Barnstorming PA
Can We Imagine the Next Chapter of the Pandemic? It's Hard to Prioritize Both Speed and Equity with Aaron Troisi, Nathan Alan Lund, and Sam Pearson (s3e39 )

This is our second episode looking back at a year of pandemic and looking forward. Thrilled to invite long-time friend of The HUB for Progress ( , Aaron Troisi, Lead Political Organizer with SEIU Healthcare PA.

60% of nursing home employees have resisted getting vaccines. Aaron describes that is a problem of the left and the right. And what does that social fact mean for collectively imagining what the future may hold? We use the very beginning of thinking about scenario planning to identify key variables. What are the major factors that could be a variable we can imagine, too siplistically, as a “knob” that can be dialed up or down. This is an imprefect science, but it does offer a way to foment thinking about different futures.

YouTUbe Video link:

Chapter marks:
8:30 intro aaron
14:40 DIgression into campaign finance and why it is a cumbersome, sucky system
20:30 Back to Aaron and becoming a Helath care Union employee
32:10 Housekeeping notes
33:55 What from the pandemic has changed that shouldn’t go back? Everyone answers.
44:15 Thinking about the future and what variables will matter the most?
57:44 In PA 60% of nursing home workers refuesed vaccine. Why? Aaron
1:0148 Not intersectionality but collisionality. Sam
1:15:30 My brain is Simple- Dasani and Marketing. Jordi
1:21:50 What does future with MORE inequity look like? We all live in more unequal bubbles
1:28:20 What is a topic about the pandemic that does NOT get enough attention?

Fun Barn Sounds (tidbits)
3:30 fast walkers avoid covid
47:42 Jorid’s too many variables. 1) Vaccines and robustness. 2) Characaterisitcs of variants. 3) US poltical context, 4) Pharma industry Structure. 5) Healthcare workforce changes. 6) public health comms tactic. 7 Globalization 1- will we see resurgence of economy? 8) Globalization 2- Nationalism and sovereignity reasserting themselves. 9) The durable effects of the nexus of oppression, discrimination, and politics.
1:19:00 Sam explodes Jordi’s brain re parties splitnering
1:32:20 Sharks with ebola are terrifying
1:35 Sam we can’t fix our brains. We are screwed.

R and K values in epidemiology:
Scenario planning
Unequal rates of vaccination by race:
Rates of vaccines and cases in PA:
Reluctance of evangelicals to get vaccines
Luntz and focus groups.
Declaration of Interdependence: