Building Democratic Capacity in Rural Pennsylvania (s3e32)

Jordi and Taylor welcome three Pennsylvania politico’s steeped in rural organizing in Pennsylvania. Most recently, Chris Benson worked as Communications Director for Amanda Waldman’s campaign for PA’s 84th District, Chuck Black served as Finance Director for Amanda Waldman’s and Lee Griffin’s campaigns, and Christian Chludzinski worked as Field Director for Lee Griffin and Jackie Baker who ran for PA Senate in District 23.

First, there was some discussion about what it means to be from somewhere in central PA. Next, instead of headlines, Jordi asked “if the 2020 election were a ride in an amusement park, what ride it would be?” They then engage in a conversation about a bigger picture conversation about what happened in rural PA. Lastly, they end with some idea’s on how to build Democratic capacity in rural areas.

This podcast was recorded on December 17th, 2020.

You can listen to the first podcast with this crew here.

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1 comment on “Building Democratic Capacity in Rural Pennsylvania (s3e32)

  1. Jon Eaton says:

    As a Democrat borough councilman in Centre County, the party has only ever contacted me for contributions. What I care about and my interests/ideas seem to be of no interest to the party.

    We need an idea of a policy/platform to offer our residents.

    Things like…….1) How to pay for the State Police and Highway repairs. 2) County level EMS and Police services. 3) Smart restructuring of our school districts. 3) Talk about lost of population, housing blight and high rental to ownership ratios.

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