America is a project, not a place. And, body fluids.(s3e24)

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We welcome returning champ Nathan Lund back and Taylor takes some deserved time off. Jordi, Sam, Dwayne and Nathan dig deeper into the 2020 results and what is known and yet-to-be-known. One excellent source is Elizabeth Hardison’s article in the Penn Capital-Star.

We also learn some fascinating facts about the salubrious effect of nose-picking.

We also reflect on some profound quotations including the recently departed writer and activist Michael Brooks who said “Be ruthless with systems and kind to people” (some discussion on exact wording). This is followed by one that emerged from sharing on social media: “America is good at acute compassion and bad at chronic empathy.” (By or channeled by Sigrid Ellis).

Also, the linguistics of cursing in English.

Extra stuff in the barn this week:

  • 538 podcast on down ballot results. Still hunting for the source of the 6 point median advantage for GOP senators.
  • Naked Ballot fun.

    Featured image is a map of BLM-Floyd protests and precinct swings. Thanks to and for the map.

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