BVRA and Equality Ordinance- LBG Borough Council Committee Jan 10

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Sam Pearson’s Notes:

The quick notes are that the Council committee expressed support for BVRA and stated that Char Gray is on the agenda for the Borough Council meeting next Tuesdsay (at 6:30pm, public meeting but space is limited so we should coordinate to try to have some representatives there, but the room can’t fit more than 20 in the audience). She has been asked to provide responses to the three questions the Borough posed to EBT in a letter in December about their specific concerns with the IGA. The news of the donation that will allow for the opening of the ice rink was well-received. The Borough was not asked for comment by the paper. The committee cannot make comments on behalf of the whole council though all the council members on it were supportive. They said they would wait until Tuesday to hear from Char Gray. They did not seem particularly aware of or concerned about public perceptions of their actions being molded to paint them in an unfavorable light. It was suggested they consider engaging with the Central Susquehanna Valley Mediation Center as a way of moving forward with EBT, but they also felt like they haven’t gotten to that point yet. There has been no discussion to be mediated so far. Listening to the discussion, it struck me that mostly there seems to be confusion about how this has been a really strange way to launch the IGA five year re-negotiation except that no one is saying that because the renegotiation never gets mentioned.

Part 2- Discussion of an Equality (non-discrimination) ordinance.


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