Naughty Words and Big Sighs: Talking Rural Reproductive and Sexual Health with Jess Brittain and Kate DiPasquale. Plus, stupid shit men say through the ages- a game. (s3e35)

  Kate DiPasquale and Jess Brittain join Taylor and Jordi to talk about reproductive and sexual health in terms of access (read this), politics (read this), and culture. We also get our first installment of “Heard in the Kitchen” from Jess. We learn about Kate’s journey to becoming an organizer. Find out why Jess says…

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Gen Z and The Womens’ March- Wilkes U Students S2 E21

Jordi went to Wilkes-Barre for the Womens’ March sister march organized by Action Together NEPA. He met this band of engaged and vivacious Wilkes U students who met up with him later to discuss the march, campus politics, their hopes and dreams, race, class, and several good laughs. You can feel the hope.

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Dancing with Fox, Voter Trends, A Game (real or fake) (ep 30)

We celebrate our 30th episode with a great discussion about how to push back on narratives when a reporter has bought into a false one.  In this case that a wedding store is being “forced to close.”  It is not.  We dig into a great Pew Research report on voter trends.  Listen to learn the…

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