lightning bug

Crystal Balls, Crumhorns, and Coalition Fallout (ep40)

We start with a discussion of what the changes at Wellstone Action mean for organizing, conversations about justice, and coalition-building.  Dwayne “Spyke” shows us his wicked renaissance instrument collection including the Crumhorn, and we offer up some predictions about the PA Primaries for state-wide and also the 12th and 9th congressional primaries.Our opinions are our…

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Oh SNAP! Lightning Bug 3

We have a conversation centered around legislation intended to harm people on Medicaid & SNAP for election year messaging.  Cartoon credit.  More background on the ass-backwardness of this idea. 

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Lightning Bug Debut (Ep 1)

We are super excited to debut Lighting Bug, a sister podcast hosted by our friends Dwayne and Jess.  Based in Columbia County, PA, Dwayne  and Jess are witty and smart political activists. In episode 1, they discuss the March For Our Loves as well as review national politics. Former Senator Rick Santorum “still finds a way”…

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