laura quick

Quick! Let’s Make Progressivepalooza! (S2e23)

This is a gem! Taylor and Jordi are joined by Firefly hosts Dwayne Heisler and Jess Steward Brittain after another amazing Columbia County Indivisible meeting. Laura Quick, former and future candidate for Congress join us to share her experiences running and to talk about the splendid idea of Progressiveapalooza- a gathering for rural PA, the…

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Spotlight Blues (Lightning Bug 8)

Spotlight Blues – Lightning Bug 8 Primary results, local races, 9th congressional district, low voter turnout, Barletta’s outside money. Barletta fund-raising numbers from Open Secrets:  Image shows how much of his money comes from out-of-state.

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Bufalino! (Ep 6)

Congressional Candidate 9th congress Debate, Indivisible National, State Update and Defamation all rolled into one. Candidates Laura Quick, Gary Wegman, and Denny Wolf are running in the 9th. News about efforts to undermine redistricting in PA. Dwayne’s Tacos!  

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