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Discourage The Discourageables: Debate Recap (s3e6)

Sam Pearson, Dwayne Heisler, Jordi Comas, and Taylor Lightman do a bit of debate recap, articulate why they support Joe Biden, and briefly touch upon the Supreme Court fight!

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Pre-Debate Teaser with JOlah!

Joey Olah, aka JOlah, who does his own YouTube channel invited us to do a pre-debate show on HIS YouTube Channel. Joey is whip-smart and knows his stuff about politics. We talk about debate format, the founding fathers, and a little bit about why Biden is still on top before our guerrilla studio is shut…

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2020 Dem Candidates? Riffing on 538. Ep 17a

We spend 20 minutes on the idea of who is a good candidate for 2020 for the Democratic nomination.  Thanks to the 538 podcast for inspiring this! We delve into celebrity culture along the way to many other topics.

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