Stacy Richards Two Years On (s4e18)

We welcome back Stacy Richards, Union County Commissioner, to check in about rural news and updates.  Long time friend, Stacy shares her insights and perspectives on the steady work of making positive changes through good policy.  We talk about election integrity and threats to democracy.  The county commissioners are a key element of a good…

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Build Back Better Framework is Good News- with panel of Healthcare Workers (s4e8)

Biden released on Oct 27 his framework for the Build Back Better reconciliation bill ( Along with the already-passed physical infrastructure bill, these two are the centerpiece of the very agenda Biden and Democrats ran and won on at the national level. With Dwayne Heisler (SEIU Healthcare PA ) and Jeff Garis (The 99%…

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Mister Slaughter Runs For Mayor (s2e30)

Taylor and Jordi follow Derek as he canvasses in Williamsport. He currently is running for Mayor. We discuss the issues and his candidacy. This is a special podcast with actual field recordings and lots of editing by superstar Taylor. Infrastructure, community, and improving local competence dominate the conversation. If you like this kind of podcast…

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