Naughty Words and Big Sighs: Talking Rural Reproductive and Sexual Health with Jess Brittain and Kate DiPasquale. Plus, stupid shit men say through the ages- a game. (s3e35)

  Kate DiPasquale and Jess Brittain join Taylor and Jordi to talk about reproductive and sexual health in terms of access (read this), politics (read this), and culture. We also get our first installment of “Heard in the Kitchen” from Jess. We learn about Kate’s journey to becoming an organizer. Find out why Jess says…

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The 2021 Hub Winter Summit Was A Mini-Conference with Workshops (s3e27)

Long ago, before the mayhem of J6, we recorded an episode recapping the 2021 Hub For Progress Winter Summit. Jordi, Sam, Nathan, and Jess Britain talk about their takeaways from the event, they play a game about events, and talk about changes they would make with a ‘magic wand.’ Fill out the listener survey!

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LAHS Walk-Out Students are Real Leaders, Greek Politics, and a Game! (26)

We are pleased to have Lydia Matukaitis, Nora Haynos, and Draven Marino, all LAHS students and leaders of the walk-out, join us to speak in their words. They show us that they are “real leaders” as opposed to being pawns as they have been unfairly smeared in national and local media (looking at you Alf…

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