denny wolff

GOTMFV Pre-election snippets 2018 (s2e13)

This episode is snippets of an interview with Dwyane and Taylor with a little bit of Taylor monologue (and Taylor playing the banjo for the first time in pod history!).

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Discussing an NDO with Mark Lawerence and Matt Ostrowsky

This is a reposting of the August 10th “On the Mark” episode of WKOK 1070 where Mark Lawrence, local medial mogul, invited me and my friend Matt Ostrowksy to discuss the Lewisburg Human Relations or NDO ordinance (the name is in flux).  Denny Wolff also calls in to discuss the harm Trump’s tariffs are doing…

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Inside a Rural Democratic Campagin: A Conversation with Denny Wolff’s (for PA 9) manager, Keith Pemrick

Taylor and Jordi hit the road again to travel to Bloomsburg (the only town in PA) to interview Keith Pemrick.  Keith is a gregarious, generous soul who shared insights about Denny Wolff’s campaign, lobbying, the difference between running and governing, and some great stories about his life working for Tim Holden, former PA congress member. …

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