Judy Herschel and the Road to Congress (ep 38)

“Now is the time for people like myself to be very loud… to go out and find those solutions.”  Judy Herschel, her campaign manager Anne Allen, and her scheduler/brother/photographer/jack-of-all-trades John Zincone stop by one of our many mobile studios.  We dig deep into her early life with 6 siblings, how she got a tattoo, how…

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An Embarrassment of Riches: The Marc and Judy Show in Lewisburg (ep 39)

Jordi is joined by some friends for a rambling and fascinating discussion of the recent Judy Herschel and Marc Freidenberg candidate forum hosted by the League (The  LOWV Lewisburg Area).  After a fun interruption from Ben, we dig into the two candidates and what rural liberals and progressives like us are looking for. The primary…

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Judy Herschel v Marc Freidenberg Debate Full Audio (ep32)

Taylor and Jordi travel to Lock Haven PA.  Thanks to some quick learning and borrowed equipment from Will Hayes, we plugged into the sound board and got this great full audio of the FIRST debate between primary candidates in the new 12th district: Marc Freidenberg and Judy Herschel. Both candidates were very polite to each…

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