Podcast: The HUB for Progress

Build Back Better Framework is Good News- with panel of Healthcare Workers (s4e8)

Biden released on Oct 27 his framework for the Build Back Better reconciliation bill (https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/statements-releases/2021/10/28/build-back-better-framework/). Along with the already-passed physical infrastructure bill, these two are the centerpiece of the very agenda Biden and Democrats ran and won on at the national level. With Dwayne Heisler (SEIU Healthcare PA https://twitter.com/dwayneheisler ) and Jeff Garis (The 99%…

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“The System is Silently Begging For Us to Step Up…” HUB Summit Preview

Ideal for grassroots leaders, engaged citizens and newly aroused, angry people. Come to learn how to build people power or sustain and nurture your group (two tracks). Title is HUB Facilitator Daryl Lewis describing his own realization of the power of organized people. Register at https://bit.ly/HUBSummitFall2021

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