“I chose to assume you are not insulting me…” Nathan Alan Lund and Josh Brady (S3e2.5)

Jordi found this “lost” episode in his archives. Recorded 24 hours before the first COVID in a fine establishment in the “gaybeighorhood” of Philly, campaign consultants and partners Josh Brady and Nathan Alan Lund were gracious enough to let Jordi interview them even as he made some barbed comments about “campaign operatives.” Both are long-time…

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Nancy Guenst: For A Compassionate Government That Serves All With Empathy (s3e9)

Taylor interviews Nancy Guenst and they chat about what the Pennsylvania General Assembly can do for Pennsylvania veterans. They talk about the state of LGBTQ rights in Pennsylvania and what a Democratic majority could accomplish. Throughout, they discuss Mayor Nancy’s journey through politics and why she is equipped to make a difference.

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