PA Senate Democratic Debate Reactions Part Two (s4e23)

Dwayne Heisler, Jordi Comas, and Taylor Lightman share thoughts on one of the more recent PA Democratic Senate Debates. After some headlines, they listen and respond to clips from the debate. The first clip is about whether or not the candidates would support ending the gas tax in response to inflation and high gas taxes….

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PA Senate Debate Reactions- Many Good Choices Make Tough Decision (s4e22)

We listen to highlights from the Democratic Senate Primary debate with Terrayne Myricks, the laughing and wry host of Alcoholitics ( We focus on key moments from Rep Conor Lamb ( , State Rep Malcolm Kenyatta (, and Lt. Governor John Fetterman ( We discuss the amazing idea that a simply safe magic prize would…

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The Case for Malcolm Kenyatta for US Senate Nominee (S4e19)

Terrayne, our friend from the Alcoholitics podcast [], makes the case for voting for Malcolm Kenyatta as the Democratic candidate for US Senate.  Jenna [, Henry, Taylor, and Jordi join the roundtable.   We believe in competitive primaries and open platforms so that voters, not party bosses, decide who wins nominations. We also play the…

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