Election 2021 Hot-ish Takes- The Smorgasbord Edition (s4e9)

We pulled together smart people from all over PA to cover local races we each had an eye on as well as the results from the PA-wide judicial elections. We, too, fell into the trap of not waiting for all the votes to be counted. Since this was recorded, Judge Lori Dumas has pulled ahead…

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Judge Lori Dumas for PA Commonwealth Court (s4e5)

Judge Lori Dumas (https://www.judgedumas2021.com/) is running for the PA Commonwealth Court, one of the three major courts in PA (with Superior- parallel to Commonwealth and Superior- the highest). We whole-heartedly support her candidacy, and you can see why in this interview. Be sure to vote November 2! It’s an opportunity year. Judge Dumas’ website is…

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