Tierra Williams, Poet and Advocate for Ferguson Township Supervisor-Centre County (s3e45)

Tierra Williams is running for Ferguson Township Supervisor in Centre County. You can support her directly here. She is part of the PA United “We Can’t Wait” slate of candidates.

Tierra was fresh off of a poetry and politics events which we certainly heard more about it for being cool and innovative.

Townships, in PA, are political districts that are usually quite low population and density. Think smaller-than-towns and rural landscapes. Some, however, like Ferguson, PA (not THAT Ferguson), are big- 18,000 people. Ferguson is essentially the suburban sprawl of State College, home of Penn State University. The area is also known locally as “Happy Valley.” Tierra discusses how accurate that is.

Among her many activities, she is ALSO the host of “Black Tea,” (Facebook link) an online video show that aims to “to spark a community conversation about race relations in America as it pertains to the Black community.” YouTube link.

Image credit: Lily LaRegina.

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