The American Rescue Plan (ARP): The End of Reaganomics (s3e36)

Taylor, Jordi, and Dwayne are joined by returning champion Keith Pemrick, an Adjunct Professor at American University and a managing partner at Commonwealth Strategic Partners, and Jeff Garis, the Outreach and Engagement Director at The Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center. We come together to deconstruct The American Rescue Plan!

After some intro’s and obscure PA facts, we play a game called “In or Out” to quickly chat about what made it into the ARP and what did not make it in. Next, we take a twist on our normal headline segment and try to finish this headline: “Democrats Pass The Americans Rescue Plan:________________.” Then, we dig deeper into more wonky elements of this and talk a little bit about the politics of it all. Lastly, we chat about what this means for the Biden administration moving forward and lessons we can take from it.

Here’s an article about Mo’ne Davis

PA Budget & Policy Center’s guide to the ARC (with PA numbers).

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