PA Senate Debate Reactions- Many Good Choices Make Tough Decision (s4e22)

We listen to highlights from the Democratic Senate Primary debate with Terrayne Myricks, the laughing and wry host of Alcoholitics ( We focus on key moments from Rep Conor Lamb ( , State Rep Malcolm Kenyatta (, and Lt. Governor John Fetterman (

We discuss the amazing idea that a simply safe magic prize would fall out of your next magic spoon box. After some more hilarity and a few technical stumbles, we get into it.

Key moments include
25:15 Conor Lamb on LGBQT equality
29:44 Fetterman on reproductive choice
39:45 Fetterman on immigration reform
44:45 Kenyatta criticizes Fetterman over the Braddock incident in which he held a gun on a jogger
58:50 Kenyatta on election strategy and which doors should be knocked on

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