PA Prim-a-pallooza 2022- Fetterman’s Stroke, Barnette’s Rise, and a Quiz!

An all-star cast of returning champs, newcomers, and even a “doctor in the house” joined us for a review of the 2022 PA Primary- one of 538’s “Top 16 GOP Primaries to Watch” (yo, the Dem side is interesting too, ya number nerds).

We are joined by Terrayne Myricks of Alcoholitics, Jess Brittain (long time friend and newly the Organizing Director of Action Together NEPA), Jenna Henry of the PENN-franchise project, and, Dr. David Lightman, also known as Taylor’s dad. Newcomer and recent college grad Joey Olah (who had a youtube channel) joins us to share his witty barbs.

After discussing (get well soon!) LG John Fetterman’s stroke and what it means, we do an educational-if-not-fun quiz about PA primaries past and now, in part using F&M’s polling of registered voters. Then we review the three leading PA Democratic Senate primary candidates: Malcolm Kenyatta, Conor Lamb, and John Fetterman. We also discuss Kathy Barnette’s recent glow-up with mainstream media even though Terrayne and Jenna always knew she was stronger than given credit for. Yes, Terrayne admire’s her strengths; no, he is not gushing.

Quirky yet accurate predictions follow, a new segment inspired by Total Soccer Show (thanks!) What do YOU think primary turnout will be?

Jordi may or may not try out his Doug Mastriano impersonation which is funny even though the Christian Warrior© is surely not.

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