Malcolm Kenyatta for Senate Interview– “Don’t wait on your neighbor because your neighbor may be waiting on you.” (s4e16)

“Don’t wait on your neighbor because your neighbor may be waiting on you.”

Malcolm Kenyatta ( discusses his vision for a politics that heals a broken social contract with working people of all backgrounds. He also shares stories of uniting people across regional and other kinds of difference across PA as part of his own style of bridge-building campaigning. Rep Kenyatta shares the story of his mother telling him after he was upset about neighborhood problems. “If you care so much, why don’t you go do something.”

In between sharing his stories abotu discussing childcare and health, he also discusses some core principles of his campaign strategy around math and, you have to check it out, karaoke!

We wrap up discussing how his mentor at Temple taught him the African concept of nommo (, that spoken words have a generative power of their own. Finally, we hear his answers to our yet-to-be-famous “everything drawer” challenge for 2022.

* His campaign page:
* Leading a protest inside Harrisburg capitol to call attention to Black Lives Matter (
* Role of student activism globally in shaping lifelong leaders:

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