Judge Maria McLaughlin for Pennsylvania Supreme Court (s4e3)

Judge Maria McLaughlin hops on the pod for an interview about her candidacy for PA Supreme Court! The conversation begins topically about cheesesteaks and quickly gets into the importance and unusual nature of the PA judicial races in 2021. We hear from the Judge about her background and how her parents emphasis on education propelled her to become a first generation college and law school graduate. Judge McLaughlin then highlighted her decision to work with the District Attorney’s office because she felt a desire to give back and serve her community. We then asked Judge McLaughlin why she choose to run for Supreme Court and what types of cases she will hear if elected — the Judge took this opportunity to explain her position on expanding treatment courts in PA. Jordi then asked Judge McLaughlin about what the courts can do to restore trust, and curb systemic injustices, particularly with BIPOC people in PA. Then, we briefly discussed Judge McLaughlin’s opponent and how he is primarily being funded by Pennsylvania’s richest person — Jeff Yass. Lastly, we play the game, ‘Judge This!’.

Report on mislabeled police killings.

Pennsylvania has a Jeff Yass Problem

Jeff Yass & Kevin Brobson

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