Is RGGI right for you? Pennsylvania’s Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (s3e50)

Did someone suggest climate action here in Pennsylvania?? David Heayn-Menendez, Katie Blume, and Mark Szybist join Taylor Lightman to talk about RGGI, or the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, a multi-state cap and invest program, which seeks to limit the the green house gas emissions from the power sector and invest back in Pennsylvania. They first envision what the world would be like if we hit our 2050 emission goals and sustainable development goals. Next, they talk about the mechanics of how RGGI actually works and how it is possible to pass it through DEP’s capacity to regulate emissions. If this is so great, then why are people opposed? They talk about how monied interests in the oil and coal industry are fighting to stop this. They unpack a spring 2021 editorial in the Philly Inquirer critiquing RGGI from the left. Lastly, the panel talks about the money RGGI could generate and how it could be invested.

PennFuture Fossil Fuel Subsidies Report

Philly Inquirer opinion piece against RGGI

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