Barnstorming PA
Dr. Jenn Rager-Kay vs. Representative Fred Keller - Post-Debate "Good at not saying words..." (s2e10)

Chris Martine, professor biology and creator of the AMAZING “Plants are Cool, Too!” on YouTube joins regular Jordi Comas as we reflect on the debate between incumbent Fred Keller and challenger Dr. Jenn Rager-Kay.  Both are running to represent the 8th district of the PA house.  While Fred Keller likes to claim that they had debated, the other two events were merely public events they both happened to be at.  This is the first and only debate known about.  Rep. Keller also pulled out of the League of Women Voters candidate night.  This debate was hosted by the Susquehanna Valley Conservatives.  So, those of us on Dr. Jenn’s side were skeptical ahead of time as this looked like a debate hosted on home turf.  Overall, the SVC did an excellent job and seemed to “play it straight.”  Chris and Jordi do riff on some “cultural differences” with the moderator.

We touch on their answers about equality for the LGBTQA/Queer community healthcare, gas taxes, and overall performance.