Black Voices Matter: KJ Williams — Oral History of the (Rural) Uprising (s3e33)

Jordi and Nathan sit down with KJ Williams, one of the leaders from “If Not Us, Then Who” (INUTW). INUTW is “a community organization started in Milton, Pa that is committed and dedicated to spread awareness about injustice, inequality, and racism.” In the interview, they talk about how the organization started and what their process was like planning the protests they organized this past summer. They talk about movement policy priorities like defunding the police. Lastly, they chat a bit about steps moving forward and how INUTW will be using their platform in the future.

Here is a news story about the murder of Shaheen Mackey in Luzerne County Prison.

Here is a news story about Officer Eric Derr who abused his power and recently had the charges dropped.

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