Barnstorming 7: Mike Crossey for PA-18 edition

The whole gang (Chip, Taylor, Jordi) enjoy talking to Mike Crossey, candidate for congress in PA-18 (the fightin’ 18th!).

Mike is an affable candidate with loads of experience in education, unions, and local governance.

Mike discusses the special joys and challenges of running for the special election in March after Congressman Tim Murphy resigned following his abortion/hypocrisy/adultery affair.

Mike has many policy positions outlined including jobs, the economy, and health care.

We discuss three issues after the interview:

  1. Mike’s great demeanor and his 100% on the authenticity meter.
  2. Mike’s thoughtfulness on blaming Rep, Marino and other Republicans for social policy outcomes.  Should we run on “they have blood on their hands” or is that off-putting?
  3. Along with Dr. Bob Solomon, we review how the caliber of candidates is exciting.

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